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Second You – specialized brand and shop with yoga clothing

Second You brand was created because of a need for beauty and difference – understood as a way of expressing yourself that goes beyond seasonal fashion. Second You is clothing, that will last you longer, not only thanks to the high quality of used fabrics and stitching but also its original style and universality.


Even though Second You products are made mainly for physical activities, that is yoga, dancing or fitness, in the end, who will stop you from matching them up with your other favorite pieces if you want to wear them to the theatre, a concert or a restaurant?! Who?! These sets are particularly great thanks to their unique patterns inspired by ethnic tattoos and boho style (that’s our signature mark!), that simply fit in perfectly with edgy sets. Of course, the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and for your outfit to be a source of inspiration and good mood.

Your options to play with your style in our shop:

  • leggings and shorts
  • crop tops and tank tops,
  • skirts and sport shorts,
  • dresses,
  • trousers,
  • blouses,
  • bodysuits and bathing suits,
  • various accessories.

Yoga clothing from Second You – biggest advantages

Definitely the most distinctive thing about Second You clothing are absolutely original prints. They’re created by tattoo artists and graphic artists, who work with them. You can be sure, that you won’t find the same designs anywhere else. Because our collections are limited and we try not to repeat them (unless we are extremely pressured by our clients – something that’s happened in the past) you can be sure of your outfits’ uniqueness. You should also be aware of the fact, that you don’t stand a chance of hiding in the crowd wearing them. We hope you like taking compliments :)

Choosing Second You, you should also know that we care about the environment and in our daily choices, we also pick the options that are environmentally friendly. Since 2020, we’ve only been using fabrics made from recycled materials for our tops and leggings and for other products from our offer, such as shirts, trousers or dresses, we chose eco-friendly materials, which are an optimal mix of synthetic and natural fibers combining comfort and functionality.

We have a broad view on the fate of our planet and it’s not just choosing the right materials. The place and method of production is key. Second You clothing is made in Poland, in cooperation with local companies. Thanks to that, we have current insight into the work conditions and how the people, who sew for us are treated. What is more, making the clothes here, we can operate more freely and order less, avoiding manufacturing too much clothes. What is most important, we don’t contribute to the amounts of CO2 generated while transporting clothes from factories located in faraway places, where we simply do not want to order.

Moreover, every day we add our little “contribution” to be more eco-friendly, such as cardboard packaging and biodegradable bags, which we pack our orders in. Of course, we are aware, that there is still so much to do. We are also very glad, that you appreciate our efforts and sometimes even give us some inspiring eco-solutions. Ultimately, we are all our planet!