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Why choose second you?

Quality and uniqueness | We make our Second You clothes as if we were making them for ourselves - we take great care when it comes to the quality and durability of our fabrics. We test all designs on ourselves, during various sports activities and under various conditions. Cross our hearts, we can assure you that our clothes don’t cause skin irritations, chafing or allergies. You can focus on yourself, we’ll take care of the rest. Out of concern for our environment and your tight schedule, we make things that will last you for years. All Second You clothes are resistant to sun, wind, salt and chlorinated water and regular washing. All colors and print will remain vibrant even with intense use.

Uniqueness is our middle name so you can be sure that all Second You collections are one of a kind. We like to stand out, we’re not afraid of to be different, bold and visible - and we encourage you to do the same. Ethnic tattoo artwork is our main inspiration, as is clearly visible on our flagship models.

Made in Poland | From conception to the end product - the whole process happens in Poland in cooperation with small, local manufacturers. We oversee the production ourselves in order to vouch for its quality and sustainability. We trust our partners and we know that high quality is the most important value to them. All of the materials that we use are produced in the European Union. Thanks to this we have direct contact with the producers and more quality control. The fact that the fabrics don’t need to travel half the globe to be used for our clothes also means we can lower our prices.

Women for women | All of our designs are made by women - inspired by our needs, problems, and dreams. We may have different lifestyles, different looks, and views on many issues but as women, we all strive for certain basic values - beauty, happiness, fulfillment, and comfort. They just mean something else to each of us. The diversity in our collections reflects the diversity of female nature. We want each of you to find something for yourself here and to feel great in whatever you choose. We use observations from daily life to constantly improve our products and we are open to any outside feedback. Do you have an interesting idea? Let us know! You design stuff yourself? Get in touch!

Custom orders | This is for women who place great value in individuality and who always like to add their own twist. Do you like our Merdeka leggings but they’re not available in your favorite colour? You need a top with a slightly bigger cup size? Or perhaps you have an idea for a new print? We’re waiting for your input - let us know what you need and we’ll do everything we can to make your dream come true.