Customer Zone
Customer Protection

We care about your comfort while you’re shopping in our store and that you know your rights. Below we lay out the basic principles of our cooperation. If something isn’t clear - let us know, we’ll be happy to talk!
You’ll find the detailed description of how our store works in our terms of use.

Shopping without registration | Do you care about online privacy? No problem, with us creating an account is optional. You can shop at our store using only the most basic data (including your e-mail address and shipping address). 

Changed your mind? No worries. Once you receive your order you have two weeks for your final decision. You can return all (or part) of your purchase without giving any reason. All you need to do is send a written statement to our e-mail address – you can write the statement yourself or use one of our templates below. And then?

  • You’ll receive an answer from us as soon as possible (up to 14 days).
  • You’ll take care of the return mail costs.
  • We’ll reimburse you for the purchase and shipping costs - once we receive the merchandise.
  • You decide how you want to receive your reimbursement.

The exception to this rule are custom orders, however, we like to compromise so we’ll certainly be able to agree on something - just tell us what happened. 

The clothes broke? Let us know! Quality is our priority and we go to great lengths to test our products, so returns rarely happen. If however our product doesn’t prove out, outwears too quickly or breaks - definitely let us know! This means a lot to us because then we’ll be able to improve our next products accordingly. How to get in touch with us? Here are three ways.

  • Send your order along with a description of what happened to our address: Second You, ul. Tomaszowska 7/2, 50-523 Wrocław. You can use one of our templates (below).
  • Send us an email at – describe what happened and attach a picture of the product as well.
  • Call us at +48 693 201 715 – we’ll do whatever we can to help you out!

We give ourselves two weeks to respond but of course, we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Something wrong with the store? The search results are constantly wrong, there’s no product description or you can’t add things to your cart? Sound the alarm! We’ll be extremely grateful. We can’t always find all the bugs on our website, that’s why your comments are worth everything to us. Send us an email at or call us at +48 693 201 715. Thank you!