When it’s getting too warm for leggings...

Shorts and flowy sports skirts are the ideal solutions for a sporty summer. Outdoor workouts are the ideal occasion to show off your toned legs and catch a bit of sun (don’t forget to wear sunscreen!). On colder days or cool summer evenings combine them with a long-sleeved shirt or a top with fitting sleeves.

Shorts or skirt – what to choose for exercising?

The age-old question - pants or skirt - also comes up in relation to sports clothes. Shorts are usually more popular because they protect all sensitive body parts better. If you feel more comfortable with a more relaxed look but you still want the same protection - a sports skirt with sewn in shorts is the perfect match for you. The subtle style will ensure you have a unique, feminine look on the treadmill and outdoors. For the best results add a sports top with cutouts, that will not only draw attention but provide additional ventilation.

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