A bathing suit that shows your character

Summer’s in full swing or perhaps you’ve just bought a season ticket to the swimming centre?
One way or the other you must be aware that properly picked bathing suit is the basis of a good state of mind. Choose one that you’ll look great in but most importantly feel great in!
Thanks to their unique prints, inspired by ethnic tattoos and Eastern culture, our Second You bathing suits are far from ordinary and definitely stand out in a crowd. You have several motifs in different colours and two styles to choose from - one with thin straps (and highly visible back) and the classic ‘vest’-style.

Full freedom and intense workouts

The fabric that the suits are made of is very elastic which means that it’ll fit ideally to your body. It is also chlorine- and sun-resistant. Despite multiple runs in the washing machine, the prints and intense colours won’t fade away. Not to mention that they dry incredibly fast!

Working out in a swimsuit?

Sure! Not only during synchronized swimming. The swimsuit will also play the part of sports underwear or body - just pull on a pair of shorts (as the ideal outfit for morning yoga, pilates or stretching in the evening) or a short skirt - when you’re practicing your ballet skills. Every trick is allowed!

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